Tuesday, March 29, 2011


{  Teeth inspection with Auntie's cool tiny light - March 2011  }

I contracted some kind of nasty flu that has nestled into my chest and refuses to leave me...I'm tired, cranky, and only somewhat productive. I also look completely disgusting, which is why there are no pics of me at the moment...

Its safe to say I'm ready to feel better! (Oh what I would give for a nice long nap in front of this fireplace.) My brain is somewhat functional however, so I'm trying to get some stuff done. 

We had a great weekend with Kayla:

First we had Uncle Philip and his girlfriend Amanda over for dinner and a pretty rowdy wrestling session. He knows neat tricks, like how to flap your arms like a bird and jump up and down, whilst suctioning a cup to your face, so you look like a deranged pterodactyl. Good times!

We also:
  • Grocery shopped
  • Gave the garage a little springtime makeover (me) and lounged in the sunny front yard (Kayla)
  • Made ice cream cone cupcakes, complete with frosting and sprinkles
  • Visited Grandma, Auntie and Bryan
  • Did teeth checks with Auntie's mini flashlight
  • Learned how to shoot a BB Gun with Dad, and decided we want a pink one
  • Made a cake (Yes, ice cream cone cupcakes AND a cake. Baking is cheap entertainment!)
  • Played some Tetris on the WII
  • And finished off by wrestling with Dad!

{  A pretty common site around our house, Kayla on her head - March 2011  }

{  Taken with the pocket friend - no REALLY! - March 2011  }

{  Maybe it was the cupcakes?? Or the tired jollies??? Not sure! - March 2011  }

All of this enormous fun captured on my awesome little point and shoot camera! I say this with only the most desperate sarcasm, because I'm so close to having a REAL camera I can actually TASTE it...

{  My trusty little pocket friend! (Laugh. Please please laugh. It will make me feel better.)  }

I love Canon, and I LOVE this little pocket friend (no sarcasm here) because it fits in any of my purses or pockets at all times, thus I can take it EVERYWHERE (and do).

And I have taken some really awesome photos with it. But I'm SO ready to get into the real deal, and I can't wait to get one of these babies:

Considering I know only the very very basics about photography or professional quality photographs, this should be more than enough camera to get me going. I am especially looking forward to the low-light capabilities because as you can see in the first pic on this post, the pocket friend does not so great in low-light conditions...

So! Now you're updated on my health, weekend events and current obsessions! I think we're good here, so I'm going back to feeling miserable and trying to make the part of my brain that's still functional do something that will make Allen smile. :)


Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Reason(s)

{ The very first photograph I took of Allen and his sweet little girl, on the very first day I ever spent with the two of them together - May 2008 }

When Allen asked if I would go to dinner with him, I thought he needed a friend. I knew he had just started what would certainly turn into a messy and painful divorce, and that he had a beautiful little girl he loved and missed dearly. Their time together had been sporadic over the prior months, and he was just starting to get a schedule settled so that he could see her more regularly...

I walked into the restaurant that night with the intention to listen well, and maintain that friendly-good-listener status for as long as it seemed helpful, but not get involved. Knowing what I knew about divorce (having witnessed several from close perspective over my 25 years) the rational part of me knew that even friendship would be an unwise venture.

Despite all that, I agreed to dinner with a couple of his friends...which led to drinks...then bowling (?!)...then WII bowling (??!!!)...then a 2am (???!!!!) hug goodbye, talk to you soon...

Said the sane part of me on the drive home: Don't even think about it.

But a month later we were still talking late, hanging out, and I finally spent a day with Allen and his little lady at Viking Fest in Poulsbo. Taking photos of the two of them playing together, and Kayla in particular, made me feel like I could do something tangible to help them both feel a little bit happier during a difficult time.

{ Kayla and her Daddy - May 2008 }

And despite my best efforts, I fell so completely in love with these two! So of course here we are three years later...

{ Allen and I on our cruise to Baha last month - Feb 2011 }

{ Catalina Island, CA - Feb 2011 }

{ Hanging at home - Feb 2011 }

{ Going to play at Snoqualmie Tubing Center - Feb 2011 }

{ Couch potatoes - Feb 2011 }

Tomorrow night will be three years exactly since that first dinner with Allen.

These two have changed my life in so many incredible ways. I get overwhelmed sometimes, both with happiness and frustration. So many struggles and snuggles, hurt feelings and hilarious moments have passed over us while we learned how to love each other...

They are the reason I love photography. I freak out when I catch these really normal, daily life moments on camera (and Allen laughs at me.) I want to record it ALL. She's growing so fast and I can't get enough pictures taken to satisfy that need to have it ALL logged away for us to recall as the years go by...

So anyway, that's a little about me. Writing, and getting a book published, had been my life's number one dream practically since birth. Now, capturing and sharing amazing photographs has elbowed its way into that category as well.

I'm not set up for it yet, and I have much to learn, but I'm so excited about the possibilities...and have good reasons to be so...