Tuesday, March 29, 2011


{  Teeth inspection with Auntie's cool tiny light - March 2011  }

I contracted some kind of nasty flu that has nestled into my chest and refuses to leave me...I'm tired, cranky, and only somewhat productive. I also look completely disgusting, which is why there are no pics of me at the moment...

Its safe to say I'm ready to feel better! (Oh what I would give for a nice long nap in front of this fireplace.) My brain is somewhat functional however, so I'm trying to get some stuff done. 

We had a great weekend with Kayla:

First we had Uncle Philip and his girlfriend Amanda over for dinner and a pretty rowdy wrestling session. He knows neat tricks, like how to flap your arms like a bird and jump up and down, whilst suctioning a cup to your face, so you look like a deranged pterodactyl. Good times!

We also:
  • Grocery shopped
  • Gave the garage a little springtime makeover (me) and lounged in the sunny front yard (Kayla)
  • Made ice cream cone cupcakes, complete with frosting and sprinkles
  • Visited Grandma, Auntie and Bryan
  • Did teeth checks with Auntie's mini flashlight
  • Learned how to shoot a BB Gun with Dad, and decided we want a pink one
  • Made a cake (Yes, ice cream cone cupcakes AND a cake. Baking is cheap entertainment!)
  • Played some Tetris on the WII
  • And finished off by wrestling with Dad!

{  A pretty common site around our house, Kayla on her head - March 2011  }

{  Taken with the pocket friend - no REALLY! - March 2011  }

{  Maybe it was the cupcakes?? Or the tired jollies??? Not sure! - March 2011  }

All of this enormous fun captured on my awesome little point and shoot camera! I say this with only the most desperate sarcasm, because I'm so close to having a REAL camera I can actually TASTE it...

{  My trusty little pocket friend! (Laugh. Please please laugh. It will make me feel better.)  }

I love Canon, and I LOVE this little pocket friend (no sarcasm here) because it fits in any of my purses or pockets at all times, thus I can take it EVERYWHERE (and do).

And I have taken some really awesome photos with it. But I'm SO ready to get into the real deal, and I can't wait to get one of these babies:

Considering I know only the very very basics about photography or professional quality photographs, this should be more than enough camera to get me going. I am especially looking forward to the low-light capabilities because as you can see in the first pic on this post, the pocket friend does not so great in low-light conditions...

So! Now you're updated on my health, weekend events and current obsessions! I think we're good here, so I'm going back to feeling miserable and trying to make the part of my brain that's still functional do something that will make Allen smile. :)


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