Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Light Brite Love & Kayla loses yet another tooth...

That first photo says pretty much everything Kayla thinks/feels about me having this new camera.

As does the one midway down the page, where she's looking at me like, "You can't seriously still be taking pictures of me, right....?"

I told my friend Ryan about this, and he laughed and said it sounds like I need more subjects. I have to agree, although finding the time to get to new and different live subjects might be a little problem at this moment.

Allen and Kayla and I had kind of a busy and awkward weekend. Allen had a horrible week with his work last week - probably the worst I've ever seen him go through. Unfortunately, that meant he had to work all day Saturday, and Kayla and I were left to our own devices.

We decided to go to Grandma's (Allen's Mom's house), and we had a really nice time once everyone shook out their crankiness...she and I had kind of a rough morning...(more on that tomorrow when I post up all those photos - there are LOTS!)

I think Allen's sister Angela was channeling Kayla's brainwaves by the end of the day, and totally ready for me to take my camera FAR FAR AWAY, lol...

I've taken about 1000 photos so far this month, which kind of blows my mind. I keep going through the folder and deleting, but the pile doesn't seem to be shrinking!

More to come...:)

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