Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pink Dog Water

Ummm....yeah. Still sick. Still cranky. Poor Allen...

So I finally went to the doctor yesterday. Verdict: possibly Strep Throat. Not a huge surprise to me, since I had to have my tonsils removed at 21 after I'd had Strep every month for a year.

Damn diseased little monsters!

Somehow, despite their extraction, I still get it. Well we think anyway - no insurance means that the kindly doctor at urgent care says we'll skip the labs and here's your antibiotic prescription since you've suffered through three weeks of this nonsense already - thanks doc!

Get home late last night after open gym for Kayla, an oil change, and prescriptions filled for me.

Heard from Kayla standing over doggie water bowl:

"Why is the dog water PINK?"

Oh yeah, about that...they make these really nifty little packets of flavored fiber yumminess, which I've been sucking down via a particular water bottle I can't take the top off of, otherwise I end up wearing the stuff. It turns pink when mixed up - not sure why? Maybe so you know its not plain water?? Whatev - it tastes good, and I have learned how not to wear it, so the color doesn't really matter to me...

Now, picture the doggie pointedly licking his empty water bowl every so often over the last week or two (generally in the evening), and me wallowing in sickly self-pity on the couch.
  • Walk to sink with almost-empty water bottle for self.
  • Resist dumping out what's left of my pink flavored water because I don't want to waste it. (Yes, ridiculous. I know.) 
  • Fill to brim with regular water.
  • Walk over to doggie bowl.
  • Dump pink-and-slightly-flavored water in doggie bowl.
  • Wonder if doggie will even notice the difference...?

He seems fine with it...:)


  1. Try the strawberry banana flavored fiber ones. They are the best.

    Sorry about commenting on all your blogs like a month late.

  2. Oh jeez girl that doesn't matter! Er...I mean, don't let it happen again or I'll peanut butter slap your ass...;)

    I just found a huge container of them at Costco, and I think there are some in there! I'll try one later today...