Friday, May 13, 2011

My recent favorite...

Allen accuses me of 'deviating' on a very regular basis... The phrase "And no deviating!" replays perfectly in my mind whenever I catch myself doing just that....
And he's right, which I hate to admit. Right at this moment I am deviating from:
  • Folding the 10 million piles of laundry I washed and dried today, which are now slowly cooling into a wrinkly disaster on our bed.  
  • Doing a real blog post, for which I have a bazillion awesome photos from Mother's Day with Allen's Mom and sister.
  • Working on his website. Technically its after hours, but I try and stay working as long as he's working.
  • Packing to go to MY Mom's this weekend.
  • Actually driving to my Mom's, now I think about it. I should have left about 3 hours ago, but decided to go in the morning instead.
  • Getting myself the drink I keep thinking sounds really good right now.
Easily distracted doesn't quite fit the bill however. Generally I'm just bouncing from one work task to another, so that's kind of the norm for me!

Plus I think that this photo is TOTALLY worth deviating for:

Loved this from the moment I saw it flash up on the LCD, and I left it as is, SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera).

And love him, even though he says I 'deviate'. ;)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hot Pursuit

I took these on Saturday night before Easter - Kayla was SO HAPPY to see her Daddy after he'd worked all day. Luckily he was out front mowing the lawn when we got home, so she was able to launch into full play mode with no lag time - sweet!

They wrestled and chased and bounced and climbed and kicked and tossed and just generally got all their rough-house energies knocked out...I love love loved watching this! No one makes Allen laugh like she does, and she pulls out all the stops on her supersonic squealing when he starts chasing her...hilarious and sweet and totally made my night...:)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The View Out Here


Finding Time & The Easter Grinch

Ok, apparently I need to add a disclaimer:

"Tomorrow" in Stephan-ese means the same thing as "Whenever I get an uninterupted 45 minute or larger block of time to myself AND my brain isn't fried from working all day,"

...or something.

Anyway - I really wanted to get back here and post up some more pics! Especially now that I've figured out a way to make them BIGGER, which is always BETTER right??!

Going to Linda and Brian's home last Saturday was a welcome break for me. Kayla and I seem to struggle moreso when Allen works long hours for weeks on end. She really misses her Daddy, and we reach a point where she's spent too much time with just me. I can actually see her boredom/frustration levels hit that mark, and I know we're going to start having problems.

I'm not sure why exactly this happens, but it gets extremely frustrating for me. I try hard to keep her entertained and happy, without getting any of the typical MOM rewards. The best solution I've found for this: get her as much alone time with her Dad as possible, but that's been difficult lately because of his work....

Sometimes I feel really bad that we don't have more people to connect with for her sake. On her mother's side she has literally a GAGGLE of cousins around her constantly. I think that she really enjoys the peace here for a little while - that she doesn't have to share, or get along with anyone - but after a bit I can see she's tired of hanging out with adults...

On this particular morning she managed to open the drawer where the "Easter Bunny" had hidden ALL of her gifts (and stood there gaping for a good minute before I realized the JIG WAS UP! Just shoot me. This house has NO storage space!!!) We couldn't agree on an acceptable outfit to go to Grandma's in (she finally put on this little purple set, and I was very happy we didn't have to go shopping for a new dress, which was about to be my last resort.) My disappointment with the day's course of events at that point was showing, and we couldn't get in the car fast enough...

Visiting Allen's family gave Kayla a chance to run and play, some great time with more of her family, and it gave ME a chance to step back and little and just let her do her thing. It took us both a minute or two to shake off the funk, and then we had an awesome time just relaxing, dyeing eggs, checking out the local parks and enjoying the rare sunny day here in the Northwest!

I had big plans for Easter Sunday morning, but after she found all her gifts in the drawer my spirits were kind of deflated. I didn't have time to go shop and replace things, and I didn't have the energy to make magically filled Easter Eggs like the ones I saw here and fell in love with....

In the end we used an old Easter basket I had tucked away in a closet, filled it with the gifts I figured she didn't get a good enough look at to remember (the rest went back to the store), and went to bed.

** Let me just note that we filled said basket whilst in a zombie-like state (at midnight, after an extremely long day) before you judge the rest of this story. **

I had saved this basket from two years ago, and she didn't seem to realize it at all! AWESOME! I was so happy that we had pulled off the Easter surprise, even after she'd found my hiding spot the day before, and she was SO excited about waking up to that big basket on the table.

She had a great time going through all the goodies: new clothes, new craft projects, new hair pretties and even some candy! That bunny did pretty good! I video recorded her going through the basket stuff, and then finding the little note the bunny had written in reply to her letter (her reaction was SO cute!)....

Then, while I was messing around with the camera, she started searching for any sneaky Easter gifts that might be hiding in the basket still. No big deal right? WRONG!!! She found TWO YEAR OLD Reese's bunnies UNDERNEATH the green fluffy filler stuff!!! Ugh!!!! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THOSE THE NIGHT BEFORE???????? EWWWW!!!!!!

That was pretty much the capper to my awkward Easter weekend - trying to figure out how to throw away OLD NASTY CANDY Kayla got from the bunny (again!) without her catching me sneaking off to the garbage can with handfuls of shiny bunny chocolates - for NO GOOD REASON.

I am officially the Easter Grinch.

Next year I'm buying one of those cheesy wrapped waste of money baskets at Wal Mart and calling it good. Alright I won't, but I SINCERELY state here that I will hide the damned gifts so that even I have a hard time finding them! And I will triple check the basket!!!