Friday, May 13, 2011

My recent favorite...

Allen accuses me of 'deviating' on a very regular basis... The phrase "And no deviating!" replays perfectly in my mind whenever I catch myself doing just that....
And he's right, which I hate to admit. Right at this moment I am deviating from:
  • Folding the 10 million piles of laundry I washed and dried today, which are now slowly cooling into a wrinkly disaster on our bed.  
  • Doing a real blog post, for which I have a bazillion awesome photos from Mother's Day with Allen's Mom and sister.
  • Working on his website. Technically its after hours, but I try and stay working as long as he's working.
  • Packing to go to MY Mom's this weekend.
  • Actually driving to my Mom's, now I think about it. I should have left about 3 hours ago, but decided to go in the morning instead.
  • Getting myself the drink I keep thinking sounds really good right now.
Easily distracted doesn't quite fit the bill however. Generally I'm just bouncing from one work task to another, so that's kind of the norm for me!

Plus I think that this photo is TOTALLY worth deviating for:

Loved this from the moment I saw it flash up on the LCD, and I left it as is, SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera).

And love him, even though he says I 'deviate'. ;)


  1. I fake it enough to make it work for us, but I'm definitely not a pro like you! Lol!

    How is business lately??