Friday, August 26, 2011


A tidal wave of work and miscellaneous craziness this summer shoved my little blog so far to the wayside, I'm a little bit worried about resurfacing at all...but still, its there on my mind.

At this exact moment, I feel blessed to have the opportunity to spend a few days with these three amazing women in Wenatchee. Love them. Its strange to get together to talk and just spend time now that we're all getting a little bit older.

Erica (the baby) is just starting her last year of high school, but she's actually going to the local college. She's got one foot out the door already. But then Mom is still Mom-ing all of us, so we're in a weird little transition that makes me smile. The awkward shows up randomly throughout the days, endearing and exasperating all at once...

Natalie, Mom, Erica and I in Seattle last month - taken with the pocket friend
Also, I just turned 29. That brought on an entirely new sense of unease and curiosity knowing this is my last hurrah as a 20-something.

Hoping I'll have the time and energy to come back here to resume doing what I love doing full on. SOON.


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