Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Two things: I have a massage scheduled for 4:45pm today (which I'm still in a state of disbelief over), and we have an EPIC camping trip planned for Memorial Day Weekend, which starts in approximately 3 days, and promises to be THE. BEST. EVER.


The major committments in my life have rearranged a bit since last August, and I'm super happy about all of the changes I've made.

I'm working an 8 to 5 at a local publishing company, which I really truly enjoy.

I'm going back to school in September to do the ONE thing I've wanted to do since I was about twelve - finish my bachelor's degree. (FINALLYYYYYYY!!!!!!!)

And I'm spending every spare moment working on photography in some way - following my friends and family around like a stalker with a camera, filling my hard drive in record time, and learning anything and everything I can about this craft I simply cannot get enough of...

These are a few from two weeks ago - we spent a day relaxing on the Columbia, playing in the water and just enjoying the sunshine with our good friends Keith and Rhyan. We were sold completely on going back for this coming weekend...;)

SO ready to play! I can't wait...;)