Thursday, July 26, 2012

Salsbury Seashells


I've thought about this shoot since I put the cap back on my camera lens and gave Jen a hug goodbye. I'm not usually lacking for words, but these guys left me in a kind of dumbfounded awe...

I drove home feeling changed. Watching Jen and Darren with their little ones made me stop and consider all kinds of things - traditions, the importance of the details in time spent with loved ones, what our purpose is - but most importantly what it means to have a family, and BE a family.

They spend a lot of time at the beaches around here locally, just hanging out - lining up seashells and throwing rocks - being together. During my conversations with Jen I was reminded of a talk I had with my own Mom a year or two ago. We were discussing something Allen and I had planned to do with his daughter Kayla, and how she really didn't seem interested or excited at all...I didn't get it! I was jumping-up-and-down STOKED about this big plan (whatever is was - I can't remember now, interestingly enough...), and Kayla seemed really just...not...

Mom said to me: little people don't care about the stuff adults place so much importance on - the expensive gifts, or the big trips etc...they care more about the little things. Read me a story. Color with me. Go for a walk. Make a fort in the living room. The attention and the caring that we show matters - not so much that big trip to Disneyland. { Although I don't know anyone - child or not - who would turn it down...;) }

I've not forgotten that conversation by any means...but seeing Jen and Darren with their kids was like watching my Mom's words in action. These two really GET IT. And their kiddos are so fun and happy...I drove home thinking about how much I want to have a family like this someday...more than anything, really.

I felt privileged to capture the kind of connection these four have...and hopeful that I'll spend many more afternoons just like this, with my camera, some sunshine and an amazing amount of love in action...

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