Friday, November 2, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Oh life, you're so unpredictable sometimes!!

So I could pretend this blog didn't fall off my priority list...but that would be a lie, and I think I'd rather acknowledge the truth and get on with the good stuff because that's really more my style...;)

The Truth: I went through a pretty heart wrenching breakup this summer...four and a half years was more painful to let go of than I have words to describe. I'm uncomfortably single, no longer a pseudo-mama, temporarily located in my Grandma's attic, and juggling full time work with full time school...

The Good News: I have my equilibrium back. Change is working in so many amazing ways for me right now, and I'm just holding tight to the positive things happening in my life. I picked up my camera two weeks ago for the first time since July when things started falling apart, and I'm astounded by the way that shutter click is working to help me pull the pieces back together.

Two things that have healed me in a way I didn't expect: having a creative passion that challenges and inspires me daily, and maintaining a schedule Martha Stewart would be mortified over. I'm not sure 'work ethic' really applies here...more like 'frenzied busyness' that keeps espresso slated firmly in the main nutrient category of my diet at present lol...

Good things will surface here very very soon - I have so many amazing photos to share, and I'm beyond thrilled to have the freedom to do this the way I've always wanted to. Life is good right now, despite (or maybe because of...?) its unpredictability...thankful November has a whole new meaning for me this year.

xoxo -

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