Friday, November 30, 2012

New Beginnings

You remember that sneak peek from July? The one with the gorgeous little blondie in a turquoise and pink summer dress...? I sure do...and I've been dying to share this session FOR-EV-ER...;)

I met Josh and Susie through Josh's Mom, a former coworker of mine, and very dear friend. When she mentioned that they were expecting their third baby I practically begged to get them all out to the beach to do this session lol - thankfully they agreed!

Their family was all smiles and snuggles and giggles and quiet moments and squealing little ones running from the waves...we got together in Edmonds on the most ridiculously warm and beautiful summer night, and I still get goosebumps thinking about taking these by the water side at the ferry terminal...

What really struck me was the way Josh and Susie don't make parenting look easy - they make it look effortless. Honestly I can't even describe how naturally this comes to the two of them. Their mini-me's (seriously, look EXACTLY like Mom and Dad) were such happy, funny and intelligent little people - I wanted to put them in my pockets and take them home with me lol...;)

I think often of this time spent playing in the waves and running around the beach with sandy toes and awesome parents and squealing kiddos, especially now in the midst of a typically rainy Seattle fall. These are the moments and photos and memories that make me feel thankful for finally having learned enough to live my life authentically - to get completely immersed in the moment and just soak it all up.

I look through this session and immediately think: I am so lucky to have felt this joyful...and I love knowing that as soon as I get my camera in hand with another family I'm going to feel this crazy happy again. I can't wait.

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